Our Story

DMI is a major supplier to the oil and pipeline industry with an extensive lineup of cleverly designed products such as self-centering clamping systems.

Serving More Than 70 Countries Worldwide

kuwaitwebDMI International, Inc. has its headquarters in Tulsa, OK. Thanks to its continued growth, the company has expanded its office network with locations in Canada, Singapore, Columbia and Kuwait. To date, we have provided oil field equipment to clients in more than 70 countries around the world. We also have clients in many other areas where pipelines play an important role, such as chemical installations, processing plants, food industry projects, water supply systems, and sewerage and waste disposal.

Attention to Quality and Innovation

Attention to quality is what makes DMI’s products stand out from those of competitors. All of the self-centering clamping systems supplied are precision engineered. They are made from only the best quality steel and are constructed to the highest industrial standards.

Apart from producing materials of the very highest standards, DMI’s focus is to make the process of pipe laying more rapid and cost effective. Increasing productivity reduces overall costs and making machinery easier to use and more versatile contributes to this.

8-10internalpneumaticlineupclampsExamples of clever design to improve productivity include our open bridgework ratchet system when clamping. Clamps are drawn in by the ratchet, but the structure is such that welding can be done full circle without having to move or adjust the clamp. When DMI introduced this open bridgework, it was unique in the industry.

Our attention to quality and innovative design is a major factor in our continued expansion, such that we are now one of the leading names in the pipeline support industry.  Another key factor that has contributed to our success is our attention to delivering top class customer services.

Highly Qualified Experts

Our highly qualified experts have the knowledge to hold peer-to-peer discussions with engineers from project planning and inception to completion. To talk to one of our experts, you can call us at 918-438-2213.

We provide a range of equipment designed to get pipe-laying done as quickly and efficiently as it possibly can be done. We have a fleet of mobile equipment designed to work in the most hostile and inaccessible environments. Our clients can purchase or rent this equipment from us.

We supply mandrels to provide our clients with the ability to bend pipes on site. Each of our mandrels has been specifically designed so that the machine operator can control all the functions of the machine. This results in lower labor costs. Additional savings are made by increased productivity, as there is no need to wait for delivery of the pipe that needed to be bent before being brought to the site.

Custom Machine Building Service

dmirollercradleEvery pipe-laying job is different, and there may be occasions when you are faced with a task for which there is no machine on the market. When this happens, we can provide a custom machine building service.

We are always pleased to deal with inquiries from people in the pipe-laying industry. Our highly qualified staff are experts in dealing with pipeline engineers, and you will find that we understand the intricacies and the problems that can crop up in pipe-laying. Call us on 918-438-2213 if you think we can help you with your project.