Standard Pneumatic Bending Mandrels

DMI International offers a variety of Bending Mandrels.

Air Powered Mandrel 20″ – 60″.

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* Prevents buckling and eliminates out-of-round in the bend
* Adjustable for any wall thickness within specified mandrel range
* Air Powered Mandrels are available in pipe sizes 20″-60″ diameter
* For efficient operation, the compressed air pressure should be 160-200 PSI (11.0 to 13.8 Bar)
* Maximum safe workign pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)
* One man operated for expansion and contracting and for traveling in and out of the pipe


Pipe Size




CU ft

CU m



APM 20-2220-22″/508-559 mm104″/2642 mm18″/457 mm18″/457 mm19.50.551195/543
APM 24-2624-26″/610-660 mm119″/3022 mm22″/559 mm21.5″/559 mm32.50.921525/693
APM 2828″/711 mm119″/3022 mm26″/660 mm25.5″/660 mm45.61.31980/900
APM 30-3230-32″/762-813 mm119″/3022 mm27″/686 mm27″/686 mm50.21.432200/1000
APM 34-3634-36″/864-914 mm125″/3175 mm31″/787 mm31″/787 mm69.51.982900/1318
APM 3838″/965 mm150″/3810 mm35″/889 mm35″/889 mm10633600/1636
APM 40-4240-42″/1016-1067 mm150″/3810 mm37″/940 mm37″/940 mm1193.44000/1818
APM 42-4442-44″/1067-1117 mm150″/3810 mm39″/991 mm39″/991 mm1323.84600/2091
APM 46-4846-48″/1168-1219 mm150″/3810 mm43″/1092 mm43″/1092 mm1604.67000/3182
APM 5252″/1321 mm186″/4725 mm45″/1143 mm47″/1194 mm2286.510000/4545
APM 5656″/1422 mm186″/4725 mm50″/1270 mm50″/1270 mm247.5712000/5455
APM 6060″/1524 mm196″/4725 mm54″/1372 mm54″/1372 mm2918.3130000/5909