Air Compressors

DMI International offers Air Compressors for your project. Visit the Ditch Pumps page to view more.


• Designed to complement DMI pneumatic equipment
• Working range is 200 - 225 psi (13.6 - 15.3 atm)
• Minimum range compressed air supply is 180-200 psi (12.2-13.6 atm)
• Specified power units include:
• HT - Gasoline engine with electric start
• HTD - Diesel engine with electric start
• HTE - Electric motor, supplied to customer’s required voltage
• Foot-mounted, complete, ready to operate

Air tank certified to special (non-U.S.) standards
• Centerlift hook
• Switch gear for electric motor
• Moisture-proof electrical enclosures
• Pipe bending machine mounting bracket
• Skid mount
• Automatic drain valve
• Output valve manifold
• Roll-over cage
• De-icer

All power unit ratings are “continuous horsepower @ 2,000 RPM”.
Advised capability:
HT 325: Non-self-propelled clamps up to 22” (559 mm).
HT 340: All self-propelled clamps and mandrells up to 36” (914 mm) pipe.
HT 390: All self-propelled clamps and mandrells over 36” (914 mm) pipe.
HT, HTE, and HTD models have identical output within the size range.
The HT 325 is not available with a diesel engine. Use HTD 340 if diesel engine is required.