8″ Ditch Pump (203.2 mm) Discharge

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• Caterpillar model C 4.4 diesel engine (99.5 h.p. @2000 r.p.m.).
• Vertically driven 8” centrifugal pump (PTO engaged and disengaged).
• Removable bolt-on screens surrounding pump.
• Rugged 3” x 4” rectangular steel tube frame with skid runners.
• Fuel tank, removable for cleaning. Capacity aprox. 30 gal. (115 litros).
• Removable lifting bracket.

• Rated capacity (Flow): 500-600 m3/hour (2200 - 2600GPM).
• Self priming.
• Seal retainer with long-life operation lubrication suitable for water with solids.
• Impeller suitable for operation with debris and solids in water.
• Inspection cover on pump, for impeller cleaning and maintenance.

• Turbocharged diesel engine.
• 12 volt electrical system.
• Power 97HP-102HP.
• Starting motor alternator 12 volts.
• Maintenance-free batteries.
• Muffler to 76 dBA (7 mts.)
• Meets Euro III, Epa III.
• Cooling system designed for operation in high temperature enviroment.
• Industrial engine muffler tail, with rain cap.

• Control board (Hour Meter, Tachometer, Engine Oil Pressure, and Engine Temp, Battery Voltage and Fuel Level), and system startup.
• Protection system for engine (low oil pressure, high temp., low fuel and overspeed).
• Quick couplers for 8" diameter hose.
• Engine accelerator control, adjustable to different RPM ranges.
• Dry air filter system with pre-depurator.
• Elastic coupling PTO output to angular head (transfer case).
• Manuals printed in English and Spanish.
• Minimum guarantee of 12 months or 2000 hrs. use.

Operating length   2,750 lbs     1,247 kg (without fuel)
Overall length       94 in            2,387 mm
Overall height       96 in            2,438 mm (exhaust pipe & lifting bracket removed)
Overall width        34 in            864 mm
Rated capacity     2,500 gpm   9.463 lpm