8″-10″ Internal Pneumatic Lineup Clamp

DMI International offers a variety of Internal Line Up Clamps. Visit the Internal Line Up Clamps page to view more.


* Adjustable up to 1.00″ wall thickness, modified clamps are available for heavier wall pipe.
* Will cover two pipe sizes by use of conversion kit.
* Optional copper back-up shoes.
* Greater capacity air tank for extended power travel in double jointed pipe.
* Articulated to negotiate tight bends.
* Powered travel drive (self propelled).
* For efficient operation, the compressed air pressure should be 180-200 PSI. (12.4-13.8 Bar)
* Maximum safe working pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)

Length:     96″
Width:       7.5″
Height:      9″
Weight:     185 lbs