DMI: Oil And Gas Pipeline


DMI: Oil And Gas Pipeline

DMI is one of the world’s most respected companies supplying materials and services related to pipe laying. We provide the highest standard of equipment to companies involved in oil and gas pipeline laying and maintenance.

While our main field of operations is the oil and gas pipeline industry, we also provide our materials and services in other areas where pipelines are crucial. These include food processing plants, water supply, waste treatment and chemical industries.

Our company prides itself on developing machinery that helps engineers complete projects in the most productive ways while reducing costs. Many of our designs have been industry firsts, helping our reputation to grow internationally. For example, we have designed a range of hydraulic mandrels that require just single person operation. Our clamping ratchets have been designed to permit full circle welding with clamps still in place.

You can visit our website to see a full list of the equipment and products we supply, complete with full specifications. If you cannot find what you want, give us a call on 918/438-2213 and let us know exactly what you need. We are able to manufacture precision engineered equipment to customer specifications.

Additionally, our in-house experts are highly skilled in all aspects of pipe laying and are able to fully understand the engineering behind pipe manufacturing and oil and gas pipeline installation. They can often provide solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Our global reputation has been built on providing the highest quality products and services. Our clients know that they can trust us to deliver unique and cost effective solutions. That is why customers in more than 70 countries have bought from us and why our company continues to expand.

From our original base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we now have offices dedicated to servicing oil and gas pipeline installers in Colombia, India, Kuwait and Singapore.