DMI International, Inc.: Pipe Welding


DMI International, Inc.: Pipe Welding

When it comes to installing pipelines, pipe welding is one of the many crucial operations that must be carried out properly to ensure that the pipe is fit to serve the purpose for which it was laid. When pipe welding has not been done to the very highest possible standards, there is an increased risk that the pipe may fail.

The failure could be spectacular, with the pipeline shearing in two, although this is thankfully a rare occurrence. However, it is much more common for poor welding to lead to pipe leakage. In many pipe installations, pipe leakage could prove very costly to the owners.

For example, if the pipe is carrying an expensive commodity like oil, the resultant loss in revenue can be very high. That revenue loss may not be confined to the value of the leaked oil. The pipeline owner could face significant costs in cleaning up the spillage. There is also the risk of substantial fines from environmental agencies.

If a leakage occurs in a chemical installation, the results could be catastrophic. There may be a high risk of an explosion, or the leaked substance could be highly toxic. It is often necessary to shut down the entire installation until the issue is resolved, and that could cost the plant owners millions of dollars in lost production.

DMI International, Inc. is a leading international supplier of pipeline services, including pipe welding. We have the strictest controls in place to ensure all the work we carry out is to the highest standards. All of our pipe welders are fully qualified and fully experienced in the welding tasks to which they are assigned.

If you need pipe welding that you can be 100% confident in, please contact us. One of our engineers will be pleased to tell you all we can offer.