Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturers

Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturers There are always new challenges facing pipe-laying companies on every new laying project, and there are additional challenges in repairing or maintaining existing pipeline installations. DMI International is a leading supplier of pipeline equipment to the industry, and has introduced many industry firsts in its never-ending quest for increased productivity coupled […]

DMI International: Pipe Welding

DMI International: Pipe Welding When it comes to installing pipelines, pipe welding is one of the many crucial operations that must be carried out properly to ensure that the pipe is fit to serve the purpose for which it was laid. When pipe welding has not been done to the very highest possible standards, there […]

DMI Innovation

Pipe Welding Clamps Since it was first established in Tulsa, Oklahoma, DMI International has rapidly grown to provide the highest levels of pipeline installation and repair throughout America and in other parts of the world. We now have offices in South America and Asia, and we have satisfied customers in more than 70 countries around […]

Pipe Alignment Clamp

5Pipe Alignment Clamp DMI International has established itself as a major enterprise in supplying pipeline equipment, materials and services to clients in more than 70 countries around the globe. DMI’s commitment to delivering top grade service and products has seen it develop an international reputation as a name to be trusted. The company has vast […]

DMI International

DMI International DMI International has its headquarters in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thanks to its continued growth, the company has expanded its office network and recently announced the opening of its latest office in Medellin, Colombia to service the Latin American market. The company is a major supplier to the oil and pipeline industry with an extensive […]

Getting the Right Pipe Bending Machine for Sale

Getting the Right Pipe Bending Machine for Sale Pipe bending machines are essential to ensure that your pipes are formed with precision and ease. While several industries need these machines, it takes knowing the right type of machinery you’ll need and understanding that as a rule, you can only bend a pipe 180 degrees. The […]

Oil Field Pipe Clamps Prevent Lost Revenue

Oil Field Pipe Clamps Prevent Lost Revenue Piping is a major factor in moving oil, and it is imperative that the pipelines work as expected. Badly laid pipelines, or pipelines built with sub-standard materials can cost a lot of money in the long run. If oil field pipe clamps or other components are low quality, […]

Oil Field Equipment Companies

Oil Field Equipment Companies DMI International, with its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has established itself as one of the world’s leading oil field equipment companies. As our client base continues to grow, we have expanded our operations around the globe. We now have offices in Colombia, Singapore, Kuwait and India. To date, we have provided […]

Oil Field Equipment for Sale

Oil Field Equipment for Sale DMI International is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, company that specializes in providing equipment and services to pipe-laying industries. We have a wide range of oil field equipment for sale or rent. We provide precision built equipment to handle many of the challenges faced when laying pipes to transfer oil or other […]

DMI: Oil And Gas Pipeline

DMI: Oil And Gas Pipeline DMI is one of the world’s most respected companies supplying materials and services related to pipe laying. We provide the highest standard of equipment to companies involved in oil and gas pipeline laying and maintenance. While our main field of operations is the oil and gas pipeline industry, we also […]